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The Construction Process of Artificial Grass in Kindergarten

form     time:2017-05-16 16:00:16




1. Check the whole lawn site, whether the base compactness and flatness are met the requirements, and then start laying out the artificial lawn.

2. Measure the line of the whole field, determine the position of the field line and mark the position of the field, and mark it with different colors of ink, and determine the orientation and location of the artificial turf.

3, began laying artificial turf: splicing tape on the lawn in faying surface pavement, and steel nails fixed on it, the steel nail head is raised, need to handover overlap more than 10 ㎝ joint area.

4. Apply glue on the joint interface. Before the glue is dry, spread the cut lawn and close together to make each artificial lawn tightly bonded.

5. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the adhesion of the joints is smooth, whether the adhesion of artificial grass is strong, and the construction of the next procedure can be carried out after checking all the requirements.

6. Sprinkle the quartz sand and colloidal particles according to the needs of the site.

7. After the finishing of quartz sand or black colloidal granules, it is necessary to check whether it is flat and sufficient. If the defects are to be added, any impurities in the paving shall be removed immediately to ensure the quality.

8. The quartz sand or colloidal particles in the paving shall remain dry, and the flow of the quartz sand or colloidal particles will be installed.Quartz sand or colloidal paving can also be used to use a hard brush or light weight towed heavy brush, back and forth brush to make the fall of quartz sand sufficiently dense.

9. After the installation is completed, acceptance and exit shall be accepted