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The Advantages of Artificial Grass

form     time:2017-08-06 07:55:46



1.Beautiful, live up to 8-10 years, durable and easy to maintain.

2.Environmental protection, finished product construction, fixed time, quality is easy to check, the acceptance is simple, do not need too much professional knowledge.

3.The artificial grass is breathable and permeable, laid on the foundation of hard soil or concrete, the basic quality is not high, it is not afraid of cracking, there is no need to take off the bed, it is simple and economical.

4.The artificial grass is filled with quartz sand to protect the grass and make the grass more durable.

5.The artificial grass maintenance is simple, the maintenance cost is low, wash with clean water can remove dirt, and have the characteristic that does not fade, undeformed.

6.Taken the artificial pasture utilization rate is high, namely, shock, with no noise, safe and non-toxic, full of elasticity, flame retardant performance is good wait for a characteristic, very suitable for school, is currently the best activities, training, competition venues.